2012 Course

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2012 class

Visit to the Italian Supreme Court

List of Speakers


Prof. David Skeel (Penn University Law School): Introduction and Law & Literature 

Dr. Wim Decock (Catholic University of Leuven): Law & Literature 

Prof. Justin Steinberg (University of Chicago): Law & Literature (Dante & the Law) 

Dr. Stefania Gialdroni (RomaTre University): Law & Literature

Prof. Anthony Musson (University of Exeter Law School): Law & Iconography


Dr. Stefania Gialdroni: Law & Architecture + Visit to the Italian Supreme Court 

Prof. Gary Watt (University of Warwick Law School): Law & Iconography and Law & Literature 


Dr. Michele Spanò (University of Turin): Law & Philosophy

Prof. Emanuele Conte (RomaTre University): Law & History 

Prof. Jan Gedeyne (Arcadia University, Rome Center): Law & Archeology

Prof. Giorgio Resta (University of Bari) and M° Enrico Maria Polimanti (pianist): Law & Music 
Locandina 2012 immagine

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