Law & the Humanities: Introduction (Prof. E. Conte, Dr. A. Condello and Dr. S. Gialdroni)

Dear students,

as you know, the 2015 “Law and the Humanities” course will begin on March 4th. Wednesday’s class will take place at 2:00 PM while on Thursday and Friday our class will begin at 10:00 AM. These first three lectures will be given by the organizers of the course, whose CV you can find on this very website (click HERE to read the CVs).

Abstractdownload (1)

The class will provide an introduction to the “Law and the Humanities”movement and to this course in particular. After prof. Conte’s overview, Dr. Condello will reconstruct the evolution of the discipline from James Boyd White’s “The Legal Imagination” (1973) up to the most recent developments. In particular, she will discuss the process that led from “Law and Literature” to “Law and the Humanities”. Dr. Gialdroni will support her lectures with questions and comments.


Each week we will give you a list of readings as the peculiar structure of this course doesn’t allow us to suggest a single handbook. We will inform you about the details of this methodology during the first class. In the meanwhile, you can have a look at the list of readings of the first week. See you soon!

1) J. B. White, The Legal Imagination: Studies in the Nature of Legal Thought and Expression. Boston: Little, Brown, 1973 (extracts)

2) R. West, Communities, Texts and Law: Reflections on the Law and Literature Movement. 1 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, 129 (1988) (extracts)

2) A. Sarat (and others), Law and the Humanities. An Introduction. Cambridge: CUP, 2014 (extracts).

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