One thought on “2015 L&H Poster

  1. Antonio says:

    I was thinking about another aspect of the law and the humanities. Not only “law” as a branch of the culture, deeply interrelated with the society, but also in the meaning of “rule”. Every branch of human knowledge has got his own law, that means “language” built after centuries of traditions: I mean that artists must observe some laws to make “good” art products: in architecture and painting (f.e. perspective), in sculpture (Canon by Polykleitos), in poetry (verse and rhythm), in music (equal temperament and counterpoint). But all of these laws aren’t everlasting laws (even if they claimed to be that): classical Renaissance perspective was supplanted by extreme perspectives in baroque century and then by disintegration of the volumes in XX century; Polykleitos’ rules were broken a century later, by Lysippos’ Apoxyomenos; iambic pentameter was not more effective in Romantic poetry that preferred to use untied hendecasyllable, while in XX century the most common verse used was the free verse; the equal temperament, finally codified by Rameau after centuries of practice, seemed to be the final language in music: but we know that one night in Bayreuth, in june 1865, it happened one of the most revolutionary pages in history of music, at the premiere of Tristan und Isolde by R. Wagner that changed drastically the musical language, introducing the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk. Also in science we know that Galileian relativity worked well in classical Mechanics but it didn’t work if applied to quantum Mechanics: only Einstein was able to solve any contradiction. These rules are nothing more than true laws that may incur in disuse. In fact these artists and scientists were strongly opposed during their lifetime, because they were considered as rebels, just beacause they violated the law: the law proper of their own field of knowledge.


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