About the Midterm Exam (better known as “The Competition”). Deadline: May 3

Dear all,

we perfectly know that our Midterm Exam is a little bit unusual but don’t be afraid and use your creativity!

The Midterm Exam will consist of a sort of “Competition”. The idea is to be creative, to “perform Law and the Humanities”. You can submit a photo, a drawing, a video (short! No more than 5 minutes!), a song, a poem, a novel, etc. related to the topics we have discussed in class or others. In case you are going to submit an image or a video, please remember to add a brief comment in order to explain the connection to “Law and the Humanities”. It could be even just a title, if it’s a good one. In any case, you shouldn’t write more than one page.
If you want to write something, do not write an essay but rather a novel (remember legal storytelling?) or a poem.
All materials should be sent to the email address lawandhumanitiesrome@gmail.com.(you can also add as cc our personal addresses: gialdronis@gmail.com; angelacondello@gmail.com; e.conte@uniroma3.it) by May 3rd. If you want to submit a drawing or similar, please scan it and send it via email.
Osate (nei limiti del lecito e della decenza)!

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