CFP: Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia Conference

University of Technology Sydney Law School, Sydney, Australia
Dates: 9-12 December 2015
(with 9 December as a postgraduate day)

Deadline for Stream Proposals: 30 June, 2015

Deadline for Paper and Panel Proposals: 30 June 2015

CFP Australiasia conference 2015Download the entire pdf HERE: __LLH_CFP_June.

Complicity is a state of being complex or involved, and no matter where we are, or what we do, law is part of our entanglement in the world. This conference will explore law’s complex relations with culture, politics and capital. It will investigate law as an accomplice, as well as law’s role in shaping (and resisting) certain problematic moral, political and material positions.

The LLH Association of Australasia invites scholarly and creative research from academics and graduate students working at the intersection of law and the humanities, whether based in legal theory or in disciplines such as literature, art, film, music, history, continental philosophy, anthropology, psychoanalysis, visual culture, or cultural studies. Contributions may take a variety of forms from traditional academic papers to poster presentations, video, or other genres or media.

The conference invites consideration of the following questions:

• What does complicity reveal about law’s methods and modes, its affects and effects?

• How are law’s genres, narratives, processes and images complicit in the creation of particular imaginaries, materialities and practices of the everyday?

• How might we work within visual, narrative, creative and textual domains and devise strategies to reveal and counter law’s complicities, and acknowledge our own?

We ask you to make your own interpretation of the theme ‘Complicities,’ and invite scholars from a range of disciplines to propose papers, complete panels and streams. Proposals should consist of a short abstract (max. 250 words). Please email your abstract to Please include your name and the word Complicities in the subject line.

For all conference information including on-line registration, check our web site at this address:

And for further information, contact the Co-convenors, Dr Honni van Rijswijk and Associate Professor Penny Crofts at

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