No Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice

nofo_textbannerNo Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice
is an international peer reviewed open-access journal that seeks to bridge the gap between law and other social and human activities and experiences.

From its establishment in 2005 as No Foundations: Journal of Extreme Legal Positivism, the journal has been a platform for innovative and wide-ranging research in the fields of critical jurisprudence and socio-legal studies.

The new name reflects our commitment to furthering interdisciplinary forms of dialogue. The emphasis on justice is meant to connect law both with its real effects on the lives of individuals and societies, and with the realm of human aspirations and ideals that cannot be easily measured or quantified.

No Foundations is published once a year. Manuscripts are initially assessed by the editors, and then sent to two anonymous expert referees for final evaluation.

More information HERE.

One of the two editors-in-chief is our guest Mónica López Lerma!

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