One thought on “Diritto al corto: Festival of socio-legal short films (Rome: 28 May-3 June 2015)

  1. Giulia D'Eusanio says:

    I’ve been at the first day in our University and one of the showed shorts can be related to some topics discussed in our lessons about Law and Cinema, in particular to the representation of law and justice and to how these representations shape or modify our legal perceptions. Briefly, “Dr. Illegal” talks about a political refugee in Germany, who just wants to work; he’s a doctor and obtained an interview but his certificate for confirmation of non-criminal records was lapsed so he was not able to work there, but he also needed money for his family so he begun to treat secretly (and illegally) people in the asylum seekers hostel where he lives. If we look at the story without any other element we maybe trend to totally accuse the main character for his illegal behavior, and there’s also another character, the supervisor of the hostel, who at first stands firm with this intransigent position. But thinking about the only reason whereby he can’t work (and then live!) and that there isn’t a real possibility for him to obtain that document without going back in his country, where he could be killed for his choice to be a political refugee, we change point of view and our perception of justice; this is the main perspective of the short director, using some techniques as a full close-up of the protagonist in the key moments to deeply link the spectator with his feelings and also the changing thoughts of the supervisor who even then protects the doctor when he saves a man without thinking of other personal consequences but only of that life and the fact that he had studied as a doctor and known how to save him. This seems to be an invite to change the system, not to break it, the illegal elements remain, but if the point of view changes it’s so possible to begin thinking about a new system, maybe more fair.


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