Fall 2016 Speakers


4-5-6 October: INTRODUCTION TO LAW AND HUMANITIES (Emanuele Conte and Stefania Gialdroni, University of Roma Tre)

11-12-13 October: LAW, LITERATURE, MORALITY (Guido Mazzoni, University of Siena)

20-21 October: THE TRADITION OF LAW AND LITERATURE (David Skeel, UPenn)

25-26-27 October: LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (Paolo Napoli, EHESS, CENJ)

1-2 November: NO CLASS

8-9-10 November: LAW AND HISTORY (Tyler Lange, UC Berkeley)

15-16 November: LAW AND BUILDINGS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE (Emanuele Conte, University of Roma Tre)

22-23-23 November: LAW AND ICONOGRAPHY (Stefan Huygebaert, University of Gent)

29-30 November – 1 December: LAW AND ARCHITECTURE – Visit to Supreme Court (to be confirmed) (Stefania Gialdroni, University of Roma Tre/University of Helsinki)

Midterm submission: Dec. 1st

6-7 December: NORMATIVITY, ETHICS, NOVEL (Andrea Baldini, University of Leeds)

13-14 December: LAW AND LITERATURE (Stefania Gialdroni, University of Roma Tre/University of Helsinki)

15 December: Final exam

20 December: Final event on Law and Music “Note a sentenza”: Lesson on Law and Music by prof. Giorgio Resta (University of RomaTre) and Concert (Palladium Theater).