7-8 April: Mario De Caro on Law and Social Sciences

alimenti-per-il-cervelloDear all,

next week we will be introduced to the relationship between Law and Social Siences by Prof. Mario De Caro, RomaTre University, Philosophy Department (Dipartimento di filosofia, comunicazione e spettacolo)

The topics will be:

1.  “Are freedom and responsibility real?”. Many philosophers and scientist challenge nowadays the intuitive belief that normal human beings have free will, responsibility, and self-control. We’ll critically analyze their arguments.

2. “Retributive and utilitarian views of punishment in the age of neuroscience”. Today numerous scholars argue that, because of the extensive results that arrive from science regarding our cognitive and moral faculties, we should drastically change our views about punishment. We’ll discuss and assess those proposals.

You can read Prof. De Caro’s CV here: ENGLISH CV Revised De Caro

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