About the final written exam (May 26) and about the final oral exam

downloadDear all,

remember that the final written exam will take place on Thursday May 26 at 10:00 am in room 4. You will have to answer two questions on two different topics. This means that you have to deepen only two topics (but we expect that, on those topics, you will study all available materials: slides, readings, etc).

You will have 90 minutes time (in total) and two pages for each answer (four pages in total).

You will not be allowed to use a vocabulary.

You do not need to register for this written exam, which is similar to a “preappello”.

Otherwise, the final oral exam will take place on the dates that you can read on the Law Department website:

01/06/2016 11.00 22/06/2016 09.00 13/07/2016 09.00

In this case you MUST register as it is impossible to give you a final note without registration. This oral exam will consists mainly in a discussion of your competition and of your written exam.

You are warmly invited to take the written exam on May 26. If it is impossible for you, you will have to take it on one of the dates of the oral exam.

See you soon and good luck!

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