Conference: Synesthesia of Law (Princeton, Sept. 29 to Oct. 1st 2016)

What: Synesthesia of Law. An International & Multi-Disciplinary Conference. Organized by Princeton University and Sciences Po Law School (Paris).

Where: Princeton, NJ

When: Sept. 29 5:00 PM – Oct. 1st 6 PM

Synesthesia of Law

Here a description of the event:

“As the first of what we hope will be a series of annual gatherings to be held alternately in Princeton and Paris, this event will draw upon recent innovative work by scholars from various academic fields, and will be organized around a self-consciously provocative reconceptualization of law as a multi-sensual, perceptual process or experience of sense-making.

The conference will bring together the geographically- and disciplinary-dispersed community of established and new voices in critical (legal) studies — scholars, artists and activists — to exchange and collaborate in the development of a new critical discourse, as well as to build stronger links between the study of law and other fields (including political theory, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, economic theory, literature, linguistics, gender studies, critical race theory, performativity studies, and media theory)”

More details on facebook

Click on “Levin-Jamin” to read the entire description of the conference’s goals: Levin-Jamin

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