4-5-6 October 2016: Introduction (Emanuele Conte and Stefania Gialdroni)

Dear all,

you will be able to access all information about the course, including the readings, on the e-learning platform of the RomaTre University (http://elearning.giur.uniroma3.it/) during the next days. in the meanwhile, you can have a look at least at one of the readings of the first week, which is available online(the one by Robin West). You can find below a brief description of the topics of the first week of the course.

Drawing by QUINO

This week, classes will be devoted to an overview of the Law and the Humanities movement, starting from James Boyd White’s masterpiece “The Legal Imagination” (1973). After having described the various strands of the movement (and the “classical”  distinction between “Law AS Literature”, “Law IN Literature” and “Law ABOUT Literature”), the final lesson will focus on the language of the Italian Constitution.

The suggested readings are therefore of a different nature: the first two describe what “Law and the Humanities” is (or is supposed to be), the last one focuses on an analysis of the Italian Constitution (it is written in Italian as no material in English is available on the topic).

1) Austin Sarat, Matthew Anderson , Catherine O. Frank (eds.), Law and the Humanities. An Introduction, Cambridge et al., 2010, Introduction, pp. 1-46.

2) Robin West, Community, Text and Law: Reflections on the Law and Literature Movement, in Yale J.L. & Human., Vol. 1, Iss. 1, Art. 8, 1989. Available at: http://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/yjlh/vol1/iss1/8.

3) Tullio De Mauro, Il linguaggio della Costituzione, in «Costituzione della Repubblica italiana (1947)»,  Torino-Roma 2006, pp. VII-XXXII.

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