Presentation of a New Book on “The Merchant of Venice” (Rome, 11 November 2016)

Dear all,

William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” is, as you know, probably the most studied work in the famework of the “Law in Literature” field of research. Earlier this year, a new book has been published on the real protagonist of this famous play: not Antonio (the Christian merchant) but Shylock (the Jewish moneylender). The book will be presented on Friday 11 November, 5:30 PM, at the Sala delle Conferenze – FONDAZIONE MARCO BESSO (Rome, Largo Torre Argentina 11, first floor). If you are interested, you have to book writing an email to this address:

Vittorio Pavocello (ed.), Shylock e il suo mercante, Roma: Aracne, 2016


List of contributors: Daniela Carpi, Laura Chiuselli, Anna Foa, Stefano Levi della Torre, Silvia Maiocchi, Donatella Maria Giovanna Orecchia, Giorgio Pacifici, Ugo Pacifici Noja, Ivelise Perniola, Elio Ugenti

You can read the index clicking HERE


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