15-16 November 2016:Emanuele Conte on “Law and Buildings in Historical Perspective”

emanuele_conte_small480Dear all,

this week prof. Emanuele Conte will introduce us to the world of the relationship between law and buildings in the course of history, in order to answer to the following question: “Do things have rights?” The answer will be provided at hand of  a careful use of historical sources, archeology, and law. You will find the readings on the RomaTre e-learning platform.


Suggested readings:

F. Scoppola, I talenti nel momento della prova. Di fronte al terremoto che ha sconvolto l’Italia centrale, in “L’Osservatore romano”, 27 August 2016.

M. R. Marella, The Commons as a Legal Concept, in “Law and Critique” (2016). 

Y. Thomas, L’extrême et l’ordinaire. Remarques sur le cas médiéval de la communauté disparue , “Penser par cas”, J. Revel et J.-C. Passeron éd., Paris, EHESS, 2005, pp. 45-73.

I. Wood, Entrusting Western Europe to the Church, 400-750, in “Transactions of the Royal Historical Society”, 23 (2013),  pp. 37-73. 




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