Submission of the Midterm Exam: Deadline December 1st 2016

Dear all,

we perfectly know that our Midterm Exam is a little bit unusual but don’t be afraid and use your creativity! This post has the aim to remind you what we have already discussed in class.

The Midterm Exam will consist of a sort of “competition”. The idea is to be creative, to “perform Law and the Humanities”. You can submit a photo, a drawing, a video (short! No more than 5 minutes!), a song, a poem, a novel, etc. related to the topics we have discussed in class or others. In case you are going to submit an image or a video, please remember to add a brief comment in order to explain the connection to “Law and the Humanities”. It could be even just a title, if it’s a good one. In any case, you shouldn’t write more than one page.
If you want to write something, do not write an essay but rather a novel (remember legal storytelling?) or a poem.
All materials should be sent to the email address by December 1st. If you want to submit a drawing or similar, please scan it (or take a picture) and send it via email. If your file is heavy, we suggest to use We Transfer. If it is too heavy even for We Transfer, then save it on a pendrive and bring it in class next week. You should inform us about this delayed submission.
Have fun!

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