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Welcome to the WEBSITE of the “Law and the Humanities” course of the RomaTre Law DEPARTMENT!

The aim of this course (first proposed in 2008) is to explore the fascinating, hopefully problematical interactions between Law and Literature, Law and Philosophy, Law and Anthropology, Law and Cinema, Law and Architecture, Law and Iconography and even Law and Music with the help of well known professors as well as PhD students coming from all over the world, who present each week a different topic. They express themselves in the new “lingua franca”, English, which is particularly suitable for a Law and the Humanities course, as we have only recently “imported” this field of study – at least within the academia – from the United States.

This website is thought to substitute the blogs we have used since 2008 to communicate with our students as well as with all people interested in the field of “Law and the Humanities”, as it gives us the opportunity to insert a wider spectrum of information. Here you can find information about the course program, the speakers’ c.v., the suggested readings, the final exam and, in general, about the world of the “Law-ands”.

The course is organized around 3 “macro-fields”: LANGUAGE & LITERATURE, VISUAL and PERFORMANCE. It is directed by prof. Emanuele Conte, the chair of Medieval and Modern Legal History at the RomaTre Law Department and co-organized by Dr. Stefania Gialdroni, temporary research fellow in Medieval and Modern Legal History (BookAlive Project) and Dr. Angela Condello, now visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ghent (“Law and the Humanities” course).

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