Fall 2017 Speakers

Law and the Humanities – Fall 2017

Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday 5,45 pm- 7,30 pm (room t.b.a.)

3-4-5 October
Emanuele Conte & Angela Condello (Roma Tre University)
Introduction: Law and humanities vs law and social sciences

10-11-12 October
Wu Tzung-Mou (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
What can legal history do for indigenous peoples?  Taiwan’s case 

Emanuele Conte & Angela Condello (RomaTre University)
Law and literature, law and humanities

17-18-19 October
John Hudson (University of St. Andrews)
Law and tv series The Wire

24-25-26 October
Mark Antaki (McGill University )
Law, language, literature 

31 October-2 November
(presentation of a paper)

7-8-9 & 14-15-16 November
Desmond Manderson (Australian National University)
Temporalities of law in the visual arts 

21-22-23 November
Stefania Gialdroni (Roma Tre University)
The iconography of justice: (Hi)stories of Roman Law + visit to Supreme Court (to be confirmed)

28-29-30 November                                                                                                                      Paolo Napoli (EHESS, Paris) & Angela Condello
Law and social sciences

5-6-7 December
Mario De Caro (Roma Tre University)
Legal responsability and moral philosophy

12-13-14 December
David Skeel (Penn University)
Bankruptcy and financial distress from a Law and Humanities perspective