Language & Literature

2-3-4 March: LAW AND LANGUAGE – David Best (Université libre de Bruxelles)

9-10-11 March: LAW AND HUMANITIES: AN INTRODUCTION – Emanuele Conte & Stefania Gialdroni

16-17-18 March: LAW AND SEMIOTICS (Law in Motion) – Sarah Marusek (University ofHawaii at Hilo)

23-24- March: LAW AND LITERATURE  (Law & Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice) – Stefania Gialdroni (Università di Roma Tre)

27 March: Easter


Visual & Social Sciences

30-31-1 March/ April: LAW AND ARCHITECTURE and  Visit to the Supreme Court Building – Stefania Gialdroni

6-7-8 April: LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCES – Mario De Caro (Università di RomaTre)

13-14-15 April: LAW AND ICONOGRAPHY – Stefan Huygabaert (Ghent University)

20-21-22 April: LAW AND NARRATOLOGY – Mara Santi (Ghent University)

27 April: no class

28 April : no class. Final deadline for the submission of the Midterm Exam (via email to lawandhumanitiesrome@gmail.com or via wetransfer, using the same email)

29 April: discussion IN CLASS of the Midterm Exam

4-5-6 May: (LEGAL) VISUAL NARRATIVES – Emanuele Conte, Angela Condello (Università di RomaTre)



11-12-13 May: CONFESSION, TORTURE, LAW, AND CRITICAL LEGAL THOUGHT – Jesus R. Velasco (Columbia University)

18-19 May:  LAW AND MUSIC – Giorgio Resta (Università RomaTre) and musical perfromance by a professional pianist: M° Enrico Maria Polimanti


L&H Exhibition Spring 2016